120 Latest American History Topics

Are you looking for a compelling topic for your history research paper? Choosing an excellent American history topic can mean distinguishing between a mediocre paper and an A+. As a result, our professional research paper writers have compiled a list of 120 fascinating American history topics for you to consider.

Finding a decent topic can be difficult, but finding the one you were looking for can also help you obtain a good grade. You will find the perfect topic if you carefully analyze our selection of American history topics.

American history topic selection tips

A great topic is required to create a top-notch research paper or essay about American history. However, picking intriguing American history topics is a complex undertaking. As was previously said, there is vast information and events in American history.

Consequently, choosing just one topic from all of them takes time. The tips that follow can help you choose a topic for a paper on American history:

  • Choose a subject that grabs your attention
  • Choose a specific, verifiable event or problem from your preferred era of US history
  • Pick a topic that will interest your audience
  • Consider a historical topic that enables you to carry out an in-depth investigation
  • Give weight to the US history topic because it has a wealth of discussion-worthy facts
  • Choose an idea that is supported by many reliable sources and credible evidence

Remember that choosing the proper history topic for academic writing is the only way to earn an A+ mark. As a result, while writing an academic paper, pay close attention and emphasize the importance of choosing a research paper topic.

Latest American history topics

Here’s the list of the latest American history topics you can choose from to write your paper:

  1. Influence of the COVID-19 Pandemic on American Society and the Economy
  2. The 2020 Election for President: Candidates, Issues, and Results
  3. Protests against racial injustice by the Black Lives Matter Movement
  4. Attack on the U.S. Capitol Building during the Capitol Hill Riot
  5. Environmental policies and climate change in the United States
  6. Economic Tensions in the U.S.-China Trade War: Tariffs
  7. Brett Cavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett: Supreme Court appointment
  8. Immigration Regulations under the Biden Presidency
  9. Biden’s Plan for Rebuilding America: Infrastructure
  10. Debatable and Legislative Efforts to Control Guns
  11. LGBTQ+ Equality and Rights in America
  12. The United States Withdrawal from Afghanistan: The War’s End and Its Impact
  13. Space Exploration
  14. Social media’s ascent and its impact on politics and society
  15. Addressing Sexual Harassment and Assault
  16. Legalization of Marijuana
  17. The #Me-too Movement’s effects on Hollywood
  18. Antitrust investigations involving IT giants
  19. Gun violence and mass shootings in the United States
  20. The Measles Epidemic: Public health issues and vaccine reluctance
  21. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Iran’s Nuclear Program
  22. Net Neutrality: Equal Access and Internet Regulation Discussion
  23. Understanding the epidemic and solutions to the opioid crisis
  24. Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

US history topics

Here are some ideas for US history topics that help narrow your search from the massive list of American history topics.

  1. The American War of Independence
  2. The American Declaration of Independence
  3. The United States Constitution
  4. Slavery during the Civil War and Abolitionism
  5. Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny
  6. The Reconstruction Era
  7. America’s Industrial Revolution
  8. The Melting Pot and Immigration
  9. World War I and its Impact on the United States
  10. The Progressive Era
  11. The Wild Twenties
  12. The American Great Depression
  13. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal
  14. World War II and its consequences for the United States
  15. The Red Scare and the Cold War
  16. The American Civil Rights Movement
  17. Vietnam Conflict
  18. The Watergate Affair
  19. The Conservative Revolution and Ronald Reagan
  20. The Gulf War and the Conflicts in the Middle East
  21. Clinton’s Presidency
  22. The 9/11 attacks and the War on Terror
  23. Obama’s Presidency
  24. Trump’s Presidency

Topics in American history

What are topics in American history? There are many exciting and relevant American history topics to write about. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Modernization and the Gilded Age
  2. The Great War and the Jazz Age
  3. New Deal and the Great Depression
  4. The Cold War ended during the Reagan era
  5. The War on Terror and the September 11 Attacks
  6. Barack Obama’s administration
  7. President Donald Trump’s term
  8. Recent occurrences in the political environment
  9. History of Native Americans and indigenous cultures
  10. Women’s rights activism and the right to vote for women
  11. both the Temperance Movement and prohibition
  12. 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments of the Civil War
  13. Impact of the Reconstruction Era on the South Progressive Movement and Social Reform
  14. African Americans’ cultural accomplishments during the Harlem Renaissance
  15. Internment of Japanese during World War II
  16. Space Race with the Apollo Moon landing in the 1950s
  17. McCarthyism and the Red Scare
  18. 1960s counterculture and the hippie movement
  19. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Foundation movement
  20. The riots at Stonewall and the LGBTQ+ rights movement
  21. Immigration and the idea of the melting pot
  22. Native American Activism and the American Indian Movement
  23. Reaganomics and traditional economic principles
  24. Immigration Act of 1965’s effects on diversity and demographics
  25. The effects of the drug war on society and politics

US history topics to research

Here are some of the best US history topics to research for your college research paper.

  1. The American Declaration of Independence
  2. The Founding Fathers and the Constitution
  3. Reconstruction and Civil War
  4. Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion
  5. The United States Industrial Revolution
  6. The Women’s Suffrage Movement and the Progressive Era
  7. The impact of World War I on the United States
  8. The Jazz Age and the Roaring Twenties
  9. The New Deal and the Great Depression
  10. World War II and its consequences for the United States
  11. The American Civil Rights Movement
  12. The Red Scare and the Cold War
  13. The Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement
  14. The Watergate scandal and its ramifications
  15. Reagan’s Presidency and conservative politics
  16. The Gulf War and its Repercussions
  17. The 9/11 attacks and the War on Terror
  18. Barack Obama’s election as the first African American president
  19. The 1960s and 1970s, social and cultural changes
  20. The Spanish-American War and the annexation of foreign lands
  21. The Progressive Movement and early twentieth-century improvements
  22. The Harlem Renaissance and African American cultural achievements in the 1920s
  23. The Great Migration and the Dust Bowl
  24. During WWII, Japanese citizens were interned.
  25. The Korean War and its Cold War Relevance
  26. The Apollo moon landing and the Space Race
  27. The 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act
  28. The Watergate Affair and the Nixon Presidency
  29. In the United States, the LGBTQ+ rights movement

Civil war topics for your paper

From the extensive list of American history topics, here are some potential civil war topics for your paper:

  1. The factors that contributed to the American Civil War
  2. Slavery’s Influence in the American Civil War
  3. The Union and Confederate armies’ strategies and tactics
  4. The significance of key Civil War battles
  5. The impact of technological breakthroughs on the war’s outcome
  6. Abraham Lincoln’s role in the Civil War and his leadership throughout the crisis
  7. African American experiences during the Civil War
  8. Women’s Roles in the Civil War
  9. The economic consequences of the Civil War in the North and South
  10. International consequences and reactions to the American Civil War
  11. Reconstruction and its challenges following the Civil War’s end
  12. The Civil War’s impact on social and cultural transformation
  13. The Effects of the Emancipation Proclamation on the War and Its Repercussions
  14. Power changes and political developments during and after the Civil War
  15. The Civil War’s long-term effects on American society and politics
  16. The Civil War’s legacy in terms of race relations and civil rights in America
  17. Civilian perceptions and experiences caught in the crossfire of the Civil War
  18. The Civil War’s aftermath and efforts to reconcile and restore the country

In summary

The most crucial thing you can do is write an excellent history research paper. We have made a list of the best American history topics today. You will write an excellent paper if you follow the writing prompts on this blog. This site lists the most recent 120 paper topics to consider for your essay.

Remember that having too much documentation is preferable to needing more. Don’t hesitate to contact historyessayshelp.com if you have any questions or concerns. Don’t worry if you still need help selecting an American history paper topic or writing an engaging report.

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